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Automate Your Global Business

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Global Business
​Automation Solution

Gomi Partner is a global business automation solution that enables our partners to quickly enter overseas markets and accurately predict and operate sales and logistics.

Information Management System

Gomi Partner supports our partners run smoothly from export through sales, logistics, and settlement by systematically managing master data. This increases the administrative and operational efficiency while reducing repetitive work and errors.

Import Licensing Registration System

Gomi Partner automates the complicated import licensing registration process and manages documents and data for export and sales. This could save our partners time throughout the process, allowing them to export their products more rapidly.

Sales and Logistics Report System

Gomi Partner visualizes and reports on local B2C and B2B sales and logistics data to our partners. Partners may monitor real-time sales and logistics trends, allowing more precise demand forecasting and inventory management.

Settlement System

Gomi Partner accurately applies various types of fees based on sales channels and contract conditions to proceed with settlement. This allows our partners to see exactly how much they’ve been paid, preventing unwanted disputes. This will foster trust with partners in building long-term partnerships.

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